How to Keep a Tent for Long Life

How to Keep a Tent for Long Life


For some people, a tent they have is not that little stuff. It’s not a two-time-use thing. They all know it's not that low price. They take time comparing before buying their new one. So, how do you keep your tent for long life as worthy as you pay? If you still doubt about it, take your time reading this. We share how to keep a tent for long life during camping and when back home.

Before go camping, learn the right way to deal with the tent and accessories so that you won’t break your stuff, such as tent poles, like most beginners did.

To Keep a Tent Long Life at the Campground

How to Keep, Care, Clean and Maintain a Tent for Long Life - GoGetThings

  1. Find a clear area to set up your tent. Remove all branches, stones, and other debris from the area you will pitch a tent to prevent abrasion. You can learn more about the best spot to pitch a tent.

  2. Use tent footprint or ground cloth. It helps to prevent being scratched and pricked from small branches or debris and make the tent floor still clean, can easily take the tent back home. You need to fold the tent footprint in to be exactly the tent floor size, so it doesn't collect water when it rains, or your tent gets wet.

  3. The UV rays reduce the tent fabric lifetime. So, keep your tent away from the direct sun. You can use a UV resistant tent fly for better protection.

  4. Avoid having your pets in your tent. They may bite or scratch the tent. If necessary, you must always check and maintain.

  5. Before packing the tent up, turn it upside down and shake the tent to remove dirt, remove as many debris as possible. We recommend bringing the soft brush to remove sand and dust. If your tent gets wet, try to dry as much as you could before packing to home.

  6. Make sure the zips are closed before packing the tent up so that zip’s teeth won’t damage the canvas.

  7. Pack tent stakes and poles separate to the tent cloth as they can cause tearing.

To Keep a Tent Long Life at Home

How to Keep, Care, Clean and Maintain a Tent for Long Life - GoGetThings  How to Keep, Care, Clean and Maintain a Tent for Long Life - GoGetThings

  1. When you arrive home if you still have no time to clean the tent, pitch your tent indoor or in a shaded outdoor to air-dry your tent first, regardless of whether the tent is wet or not because when you used the tent, it got damp already.

  2. Don’t take it to the washing or drying machine, your tent will be damaged or tear, and the hot from drying machine will damage coatings.

  3. Use only a cloth or sponge to rub. You shouldn't scrub or use harsh or abrasive cleaners as it will destroy the waterproof coating.

  4. Use only water. If necessary, a small amount of baby soap is enough. If using chemicals, it will destroy the waterproof coating.

  5. Dry your tent in the shade where some light and wind can reach. Don’t expose to direct sunlight to prevent UV damage.

  6. Make sure your tent dry completely, preventing mold.

  7. When the tent is cleaned and dried, check the seams, zippers, and mesh, repair them if needed (you can find repair stuff at any outdoor gear stores).

  8. When storing tents, allow them to breathe and keep your tent at a cool and dry area. Hot and damp will break down coatings.

  9. Before going the next trip, it’s necessary to check your tent’s condition again, or you may have an irritated vacation.


  • Easier cleaning when the tent is pitched
  • If there is mold or smell, use a specialized cleaner or enzyme cleaner for outdoor gear (You can buy at any outdoor gear stores) and stick to the instruction, otherwise, it may damage the tent coating.
  • To maintain water-resistance of the tent, rarely apply the waterproof coating to the seams (find one at any outdoor gear stores).

    How to Keep, Care, Clean and Maintain a Tent for Long Life - GoGetThings

Do you have some fabulous tips to keep a tent for long life? Share yours we miss below! Glad to hear from you.

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